"I am looking for a new challenge, empowered by my expansion nature."

I am self-taught with a dynamic and high-energy profile, setting direction with mindfulness to assist companies in implementing strategies that drive customer and revenue growth.

Throughout my career, I lived business challenges in distinct areas and positions, promoting mindset management, and creating Self-Managing Teams as an effective way to add value.

Managing with "minimal requirements" means do “do more with less” improved my ability to deal with ambiguity, breaking down challenges and setting direction with mindfulness to create a continuous improvement culture that embraces the authenticity of my work.

Luis Loreti

Field of expertise

  • Website user Design (UXD) and management of all development life cycle (SDLC).
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software
  • Social media marketing,lead nurturing campaign, SEM, SEO,Google Shopping,Email Marketing, PPC.
  • website metrics analytics tools, SEMrush, Moz, Google Analytics,etc.
  • Design creation, video production, Server Administration, Visual Studio, Camtasia, Photoshop.
  • Beer business and manufactoring expertise.
  • Print on Demand know-how.
  • Bottled waterprocessing and packaging mastery.
  • Long RNA production Manufacturing and purification experience.

Adaptability skills

“Equanimity management profile empowers me to work with Ambiguity; The outer and inner world is always a "changing environment" that I behave with courage and presence, not attached to the drama around, giving me the full potential for solving the problems.”
  • Critical thinking/Problem Solving
  • Data Analysis/Practical use for it
  • Leader/Team player
  • Emotional Intelligence



Pretty Good


Education :

GSM London

Master of Business Administration - MBA

Identifying a market entry strategy for the Brazilian beer market : BREWPUB

Université catholique de Louvain

Licence en Sciences Naturelles Biotechnologie Industrielle - Brewmaster

Analysis of the Hops lipid fraction.

Unicamp - University of Campinas

Bachelor of Food Engineering

Experience :


2000 to 2012

CEO - Mineral Water & Juices Factory

Product development Manager

Fontelli mineral water plant had a mineral water bottling capacity of 2000 LPH and fruit juices of 3000LPH.

Accomplished a complete Business Plan, developed and executed a Strategic Implementation Plan (SPI).
Assessed hydrogeological and environmental data from 3 791,910 km² area. One land was elected to buy (well drilled ).
Governmental regulatory affairs submission by all applicable legislation and regulations to get the approval of a bottled water source.
The water found has 5 recognized therapeutic qualities by the legal water regulation agency.
The mineral water commercialization achieved the sales goal due to therapeutics properties and logistic competitive advantage.


Femsa / Heineken

1989 to 1992

Language skills





Master Thesis


Master Brewer Dissertation


The flavor stability of beer is positively influenced by hops in a number of ways including the influence of polyphenols, but also have a lipidic fraction that contributes with beer aging.

Gas chromatography (GC ) analyses were utilized to identify the hope lipidic fraction extract with different hop extracts:

CO2 liquid and supercritical, ethanol, neo-extract and hexane.

The objective of this dissertation is to analyze the lipidic % extraction related to acid α and solvent type utilized to make the extract.


"Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes."

It's an aphorism and good question:

"If you knew you could not fail - what would you begin now?"

Swimming loreti


Swimming is action, the water streams over my body. Smooth, with sustainability, or swimming endurance I dive in of my own volition.

cooking aware loreti


Cooking is a great way to practice mindfulness, a dream of construction connected with the task at hand, and how it moves us forward.

Photography loreti


Take photos increases my enjoyment of an experience through its ability to help me to see the details and notice the beauty around.

loreti meditation


Meditation is a way to control negative emotions, accepting whatever arises in my awareness at each moment.

  • Americana/SP- Brazil

  • [email protected]

  • 55- 19984567073

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