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How to develop direction, momentum, and energy to have hard conversations, create accountability, and inspire actions?

To get your most important work done, you have to have hard conversations, create accountability, and inspire action. To do that, you need to show up powerfully and magnetically in a way that attracts people to trust you and follow you and commit to putting 100% of their effort into a larger purpose, something bigger than all of you.

Four essential elements that all great leaders demonstrate:

They feel confident in themselves. 

They connect with others.

They are committed to a purpose. 

They act with love and courage.

Most of us are great at only one of the four. Maybe two. But to be a powerful presence – to inspire action – you need to excel at all four simultaneously. 

If you're Self-Confidence, but disconnected from others; everything will be about you and you'll alienate the people around you. 

If you're connected to others, but lack confidence in yourself, you will betray your own needs and perspectives to please everyone else.

 If you're not committed to a purpose, something bigger than yourself and others, you'll lose the respect of those around you as you act aimlessly, failing to make an impact on what matters most. And if you fail to act, powerfully, decisively, and boldly – with emotional courage – your ideas will remain in your head and your goals will remain unfulfilled fantasies.

Confidence, connection, and commitment require that you be communicative, vulnerable, and honest. 

How to improve the four elements related to effective leadership?


Element One: Build Your Self-Confidence:  

Be confident is one self-development that has many steps and methods, but here will place some guidelines:

A-Know Who You Are will guide you to find your ground and stand powerfully in who you are. 

It is not about the logical conception about my latest interaction and life history, credit of the positive experiences while blaming the negative ones. 

You never have good feedback all the time, and eventually, reality overcomes self-deception! The problem to sustain you as a result of your thoughts conceptions is that it makes you not stable.

You have something still that is already in yourself, that recognition avoids ups and downs.

Then, one day, sitting in meditation, I found it. As I followed my breath in and out, I noticed something I hadn't paid much attention to before. And paying attention to it changed everything. That something I noticed? My self. 


Element Two: Connect with Others:

Your success in generating alignment and creating collective action is based on your ability to develop trusting relationships with others. 

A- Be Curious and Trusting, Have empath with others will guide you to show up with interest and openness, which perhaps counterintuitively, is what will create the space for others to be receptive and stay open to you, your thoughts, and your ideas.  

B- Be Clear and Trustworthy, do not be afraid; offer direct path direction about what to do and say it with clarity and trustworthiness, communicate the truth even when it's hard, and show up to others in a way that elicits their respect.


Element Three: Commit to Purpose: 

Inspiring people to act together requires a shared focus that supersedes any one person's interests. 

Addresses the challenge of generating accountability and inspiring action toward a common purpose.  

A-Think the future outcome in the present.

Make in your mind one image about the outcome and create, via thoughts, the future believing that it is possible. Imagine it is already happening and work on that path. 

  It is about connecting with our goals and establishing a clear, powerful, compelling focus toward a larger purpose.

B- Place your focus over the key players. It will help you channel the energy of the key people around you so that they understand, buy-in, follow-through, and contribute passionately to your larger purpose.


Element Four: Courage to be Vulnerable:

Be aware that is necessary to take risks and follow through on the hard demands of leadership. Being able to focus on the task(s) at hand with presence, clarity, and confidence is a required skillset. 

It’s the feeling of fear and doing it anyway. It doesn’t mean doing something irrational but not be dragged by the fear.

The environment response should not influence your emotional state, be aware that all is impermanent, and expectations create like and dislike.

Love is the best way to fight against adversity, will you react, but avoiding emotions that take you out of reality.

Have an emotional understanding of the self when something is out of sync with your values. Remember who you are.

It is what is; that is the reality.

Emotionally intelligent leaders thrive based on their exceptional ability to acknowledge the difficulty, communicate openly, adapt, navigate uncertainty, and create psychological safety. 




Jan 20, 2021