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Artificial Intelligence program Metaphor-like Processes or Analogies

The US expert in artificial intelligence, Gary Marcus, says that as the human brain, the Artificial Intelligence algorithm deals with   Metaphor-like processes or analogies.

Humans use metaphors all the time; they're so ingrained in our language we often don't even notice we're doing it. IT allows to map one experience in the terminology of another experience and consequently to acquire an understanding of complex topics or new situations.


"The ability to communicate our ideas and thoughts, and interact effectively is what makes us human. How does it feel to think that the ability is no longer your monopoly?"


Language translators use the “metaphor algorithm”. Google concedes that even its enhanced models fail to attain a desirable level when combining different dialects of a language, like informal or spoken language, it generates overly literal translations and poor performance.

Another low performance occurs when translating different languages, and the concepts which act as ‘bridges’ between different languages are abstract and much harder to formalize.

The researchers suggest that, by understanding the “algorithms” that humans naturally use to develop and understand metaphor, these artificial intelligence systems could eventually develop a natural language processing system, 

The “algorithm” of metaphor creation could develop a natural language processing systems such as Siri, to help understand creativity in the use of language.


"When your order Siri to perform an action, it records the frequencies and sound waves from your voice and converts them into a code."


Neuroscience says that it is increasingly clear that cognitive functions cannot be pinned to spots on the brain like towns on a map. A given mental task may involve a complicated web of circuits, which interact in varying degrees with others throughout the brain—not like the parts in a machine, but like the instruments in a symphony orchestra combining their tenor, volume, and resonance to create a particular musical effect.

Understanding how the brain approaches the complexity of language allows us to begin to test how complex language impacts other aspects of cognition 

Researchers try to develop Metaphor-like processes or analogies by creating different types of visualization types, interfaces, and scenarios of visualization output and interaction with it to which they could compare human mental processing.

 Computers are, in a nutshell, systematic architectures that are, in essence, a prediction technology, the software which enables the metaphor “machine Intelligence” statistically evaluates inputs and predicts the optimal behavior based on a set of goals or objectives included as parameters for the application.

 Brains are, so far as we can tell, exactly that. The real question isn’t whether the brain is an information processor, per se, but rather how do brains store and encode information, and what operations do they perform over that information, once it is encoded.”


"We are nowhere near creating true Artificial Intelligence, or understanding consciousness."






Feb 03, 2021